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Travels X,Y, Z axes 730 x 730 x 800 mm
Distance from pallet surface to spindle center 80-810 mm
Distance from pallet center to gauge line plane 70- 870 mm
Pallet Pallet working area 500 x 500 mm
Maximum workpiece size (dia x height) 800 x 1000 mm
Maximum pallet load (evenly distributed) 700 kg
Pallet Surface configuration 24 x M16-2 tapped holes, 100 mm pitch
Minimum pallet indexing angle 0.001° NC indexing
Height to pallet surface 1200 mm
Spindle Spindle speed range 50-14000 min-1
Spindle taper hole 7 / 24 No. 40 taper
Spindle bearing inner /outer diameter 80 / 125 mm
Spindle drive motor (15 min/ continue.) AC 22 / 18.5 kW
Spindle cooling / lubrication Spindle core cooling / Under race lubrication
Feed Rates Rapid Traverse
50000 mm / min
Cutting Feed 1-50000 mm / min
Automatic tool Changer Type of tool shank
HSK-A63 shank
Tool storage capacity 60 tools
Max Tool diameter Without limitation: 70 mm;
With limitation: 170 mm
Max Tool length 360 mm
Max Tool weight 8 kg
Tool Changing time
(including ATC door opening/closing time)
Tool-to-tool: 0.9 sec
Accuracy Positioning Accuracy (full travel)
±0.0025 mm (without scale feedback)
±0.002mm (with scale feedback)
Repeatability (full travel) ±0.0015 mm (without scale feedback)
±0.001mm (with scale feedback)
Machine size Machine height
3210 mm
Floor Space 2552 x 5373 mm
Leveling method 3-point support
Production of Critical Automotive Components

Engineered for high-speed machining, the A66E's 500mm pallet has a work envelope which is larger than most other 500mm machines. Due to its proven spindle design, superior rapid traverse rates and high acceleration/deceleration times, Makino's A66E horizontal machining division allows more use of high-speed machining techniques than machines typically considered for work pieces that fit within this envelope.

The 500 mm square pallet has a maximum work zone of 800 mm x 1000 mm and accepts loads up to 700 kg with travel in X of 730mm, Y of 730mm and Z of 800mm.

The A66E delivers low torque, at exceptionally high speeds, making it ideal for manufacturing automotive components and other high-volume, commodity production pieces. Among the A66E's numerous performance advantages are :

14,000 rpm, 30 hp (22 kW) spindle available in HSK63 for more rigid application requirements.
Unsurpassed tool change of 0.7 second for HSK63, that reduces non-cut time.
Chip-to-chip time of 3.4 seconds.
Pallet changer times area mere 7 seconds.
50000 mm/min rapid traverse and 47000mm/min. feed rate.
Spindle acceleration / deceleration: 0 to 14,000 rpm in 2.8 seconds, 14,000 to 0 rpm in 1.8 seconds.
A modular, systems-ready design facilitates integration into flexible machining cells and systems, reducing development time and custom engineering.
Three-point leveling eliminates the need for a special foundation, allowing fast, economical installation and easy redeployment for manufacturing flexibility.
High accuracy and thermal stability from patented under-race cooling of spindle bearings, eliminating spindle growth and optimizing bearing preload.
Fast, Intelligent Feeds

The A66e shortens cycle times for simple and complex parts alike. Geometric Inte ligence (GI), standard on the A66E, permits high feed rates with provably higher accuracy over entire part routines -not just straight cuts -and shorter total cycle times - This proprietary technology fine-tunes machine dynamics to provide unmatched feeds and accuracy. Using "look ahead" algorithms, GI software predicts and compensates on the fly for servo error, iner ia and other machine dynamics.

With increased metal removal rates, faster feed rate, greater accuracy, greater stability and increased ove-all productivity, Makino's machining division respond to today's call for higher quality, shorter time-to-market, changing production volumes, shorter part life cycles and reduced machining costs.
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