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Aluminium is a material of the future. Its superior properties make it one of the most significant components in various industries. This lightweight metal is used for a wide range of products that require the material to be resistant to corrosion and electrical conductivity, yet malleable.

In 1957, IMAC Alloy Casting started out with the reclamation of Aluminium from aluminium scrap like borings, turnings and slag.

Over the ensuing 5 decades, the company has grown to become the largest manufacturer of aluminium and zinc based alloys in South India.


The IMAC Group is renowned for its quality products and environmentally friendly production practices. IMAC’s core strength has been its teamwork and commitment towards excellence. Currently the annual turnover of the company has grown to over 890 million Indian Rupees.

IMAC has merged the traditional practices of metallurgy with the state-of-the-art machinery to become a single source for aluminium, right from sourcing of raw materials to the supply of machined components.

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